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There are four different Currencies in Nightbanes. This page on the wiki is dedicated to explaining where you obtain them, and how you can spend them.

Blood Pearls[edit | edit source]

Blood Pearls are the most frequent currency, you gain them from questing, selling cards, and multiple other sources.
Bloodpearls are used to Level and Evolve Cards, and to buy Base Light Boosters.
You can also purchase Faction Reward cards with Bloodpearls.

Blood Badges[edit | edit source]

Bloodbadges are earned by winning PvP matches. They are used to purchase cards from the PvP reward Shop.

Blood Rubies[edit | edit source]

Bloodrubies are earned by logging in daily and by defeating Level 3 Scourges in questing or Epic Bosses and Raid Bosses. They are used to purchase Booster Packs from the Cards shop.

Blood Diamonds[edit | edit source]

Blood Diamonds are premium currency and must be bought in the Blood Diamonds Shop. They are used to purchase Boosters and Decks, as well as Featured Premium cards and single Booster Cards. They can also be used to buy an additional Deck Slot in the Items shop.