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Category:Base Set

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The following cards are all cards from the Base Set

Card List[edit | edit source]

Image Name Number
Ghoul.jpg Ghoul 4
Skeleton.jpg Skeleton 1
Bat Demon.jpg Bat Demon 2
Zombie.jpg Zombie 3
Skeleton Warrior.jpg Skeleton Warrior 5
Crypt Spider.jpg Crypt Spider 6
Skeleton Berserker.jpg Skeleton Berserker 7
Blood Surgeon.jpg Blood Surgeon 8
Wild Boar.jpg Wild Boar 9
Bloodthirsty Wolf.jpg Bloodthirsty Wolf 10
Hyena.jpg Hyena 11
Velociraptor.jpg Velociraptor 12
Giant Rat.jpg Giant Rat 13
Ripperjoe.jpg Ripperjoe 14
Giant Serpent.jpg Giant Serpent 15
Sewer Zombie.jpg Sewer Zombie 16
Tanto.jpg Tanto 17
Rusty Chainmail.jpg Rusty Chainmail 21
Sylvan Cloak.jpg Sylvan Cloak 22
Raise Skeletons.jpg Raise Skeletons 23
Bad Omen.jpg Bad Omen 24
Grave Touch.jpg Grave Touch 25
Immolate.jpg Immolate 26
Plaguebolt.jpg Plaguebolt 27
Glacierstrike.jpg Glacierstrike 28
Dust To Dust.jpg Dust To Dust 29
Undertaker.jpg Undertaker 30
Hell Knight.jpg Hell Knight 31
Degenerate Werewolf.jpg Degenerate Werewolf 32
Grim Reaper.jpg Grim Reaper 33
Bone Sword.jpg Bone Sword 35
Meat Cleaver.jpg Meat Cleaver 18
Longsword.jpg Longsword 19
Electric Baton.jpg Electric Baton 20
Crypt Fiend.jpg Crypt Fiend 34
Hellcore Hound.jpg Hellcore Hound 36
Blood Maiden.jpg Blood Maiden 37
Thrilling Werewolf.jpg Thrilling Werewolf 38
Will-O-The-Wisp.jpg Will-O-The-Wisp 39
Terror Bear.jpg Terror Bear 40
Werewolf.jpg Werewolf 41
Sabretooth Tiger.jpg Sabretooth Tiger 42
Tainted Water Spirit.jpg Tainted Water Spirit 43
Horrific Leeches.jpg Horrific Leeches 44
Electric Eel.jpg Electric Eel 45
Sewer Alligator.jpg Sewer Alligator 46
Monster Tentacle.jpg Monster Tentacle 47
Ravenstaff.jpg Ravenstaff 48
Sudden Death.jpg Sudden Death 49
Toxin Injector.jpg Toxin Injector 50
Bilespitter.jpg Bilespitter 51
Veinslicer.jpg Veinslicer 52
Shadowskin.jpg Shadowskin 53
Briarskin Tunic.jpg Briarskin Tunic 54
Chainmail.jpg Chainmail 55
Spiked Plate Armor.jpg Spiked Plate Armor 56
Chitinous Exoskeleton.jpg Chitinous Exoskeleton 57
Signet Of The Justicar.jpg Signet Of The Justicar 58
Signet Of The Archon.jpg Signet Of The Archon 59
Amulet Of Untainted Blood.jpg Amulet Of Untainted Blood 60
Badmoon Pendant.jpg Badmoon Pendant 106
Vampire Skull Pendant.jpg Vampire Skull Pendant 107
Doom.jpg Doom 61
Bonegrinder.jpg Bonegrinder 62
Edict Of The Archon.jpg Edict Of The Archon 63
Command Vermin.jpg Command Vermin 64
Earthmend.jpg Earthmend 65
Frenzy.jpg Frenzy 66
Hunger Of The Beast.jpg Hunger Of The Beast 67
Under A Red Moon.jpg Under A Red Moon 68
Decay.jpg Decay 69
Venomtongue.jpg Venomtongue 70
Damien Reese.jpg Damien Reese 71
Natalia Usbekov.jpg Natalia Usbekov 72
Kasa Bloodfeather.jpg Kasa Bloodfeather 73
Mortacore.jpg Mortacore 74
Catonia.jpg Catonia 75
Lich.jpg Lich 76
Waste Ghoul.jpg Waste Ghoul 77
Specter.jpg Specter 78
Ghoul.jpg Ghoul 4
Dreadmane.jpg Dreadmane 79
Necromancer.jpg Necromancer 80
Cryptkeeper.jpg Cryptkeeper 81
Battle Charger.jpg Battle Charger 117
Orbital Strike.jpg Orbital Strike 120
Crypt Wight.jpg Crypt Wight 82
Blood Knight.jpg Blood Knight 83
Black Cat.jpg Black Cat 84
Living Tree.jpg Living Tree 85
Forest Spirit.jpg Forest Spirit 86
The Critters.jpg The Critters 87
Insane Clown.jpg Insane Clown 88
Toad Monster.jpg Toad Monster 89
Basilisk.jpg Basilisk 90
Cockatrice.jpg Cockatrice 91
Blood Gecko.jpg Blood Gecko 92
Motorcycle Streethawk.jpg Motorcycle Streethawk 93
Undead Warhorse.jpg Undead Warhorse 94
Battle Raptor.jpg Battle Raptor 95
Verdant Stag.jpg Verdant Stag 96
Lifestealer.jpg Lifestealer 97
Heartseeker.jpg Heartseeker 98
Throatslashers.jpg Throatslashers 99
Impaler.jpg Impaler 100
Wand of Eternal Darkness.jpg Wand of Eternal Darkness 101
Embrace Of Darkness.jpg Embrace Of Darkness 102
Phoenix Cloak.jpg Phoenix Cloak 103
Raven Armor.jpg Raven Armor 104
Swamp Embrace.jpg Swamp Embrace 105
Vitalizing Pendant.jpg Vitalizing Pendant 108
Poison Vial.jpg Poison Vial 109
Glamour.jpg Glamour 110
Vengeance.jpg Vengeance 111
Wheel of Misfortune.jpg Wheel of Misfortune 112
Lord of the Undead.jpg Lord Of The Undead 113
Swamp Lord.jpg Swamp Lord 114
Vermin Demon.jpg Vermin Demon 115
Void Spawn.jpg Void Spawn 116
Götterdämmerung.jpg Götterdämmerung 118
Lucky Gun Ace of Spades.jpg Lucky Gun Ace Of Spades 119

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