Evolution Set

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The following cards are cards of the Evolution Set.

Card List[edit | edit source]

Image Name Cardtype
Gargantuan Anaconda.jpg Gargantuan Anaconda Creature
Mei Ling the Corrupted.jpg Mei Ling the Corrupted Vampire Lord
Natalia Usbekov, Soul Mender.jpg Natalia Usbekov, Soul Mender Vampire Lord
Shadowmaster Mortacore.jpg Shadowmaster Mortacore Vampire Lord
Veronica Sellers, Instigator.jpg Veronica Sellers, Instigator Vampire Lord
Kasa Bloodfeather, Earthchild.jpg Kasa Bloodfeather, Earthchild Vampire Lord
Jean-Pierre Chevalier, Revolutionary.jpg Jean-Pierre Chevalier, Revolutionary Vampire Lord
Lucy Kang, Manipulator.jpg Lucy Kang, Manipulator Vampire Lord
Dr Helga Steinhausen.jpg Dr Helga Steinhausen Vampire Lord
Catonia the Curator.jpg Catonia the Curator Vampire Lord
Damien Reese, Anarchist.jpg Damien Reese, Anarchist Vampire Lord
Eternal Death Chill.jpg Eternal Death Chill Vampiric Power
Three-Bladed Machete.jpg Three-Bladed Machete Weapon
Masterfull Assassin's Blade.jpg Masterfull Assassin's Blade Weapon
Frost Sword.jpg Frost Sword Weapon
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Blood-Crazed Wolf Creature
Bone Berserker.jpg Bone Berserker Creature
Bone Bulwark.jpg Bone Bulwark Creature
Callous Undertaker.jpg Callous Undertaker Creature
Doctor Blood.jpg Doctor Blood Creature
Elder Tree Spirit.jpg Elder Tree Spirit Creature
Frost Specter.jpg Frost Specter Creature
Gargantuan Leeches.jpg Gargantuan Leeches Creature
Giant Boar.jpg Giant Boar Creature
Godfather.jpg Godfather Creature
Grand Lich.jpg Grand Lich Creature
Heart of the Forest.jpg Heart of the Forest Creature
Hell Champion.jpg Hell Champion Creature
Hellcore Behemoth.jpg Hellcore Behemoth Creature
Killer Werewolf.jpg Killer Werewolf Creature
Mystic Kelpie.jpg Mystic Kelpie Creature
Paragon of Blood.jpg Paragon of Blood Creature
Psycho Clown.jpg Psycho Clown Creature
Sewer Tentacles.jpg Sewer Tentacles Creature
Skeleton Champion.jpg Skeleton Champion Creature
Sky Terror.jpg Sky Terror Creature
Spartan Champion.jpg Spartan Champion Creature
Voltaic Alligator.jpg Voltaic Alligator Creature
Waste Specter.jpg Waste Specter Creature
Witch Cat.jpg Witch Cat Creature