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The following cards are categorized as {{PAGENAME}}.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Race|race]] of [[Creature|creatures]] in Nightbanes. {{PAGENAME}} creatures usually deal any kind of [[Damage School|damage]]. {{PAGENAME}} creatures often have [[Ability|abilities]] that concern any race. The [[Keyword]] concerning this race is "Life".
==Card List==
category = Corrupted
uses = Template:Infobox
include = {Infobox}:img, {Infobox}:name, {Infobox}:booster
secseparators = ¦align="center"¦[[File:,|32pxpx]],¶¦width="220px" align="center"¦[[,,]]¶¦align="center"¦,,¶¦,,¶¦,,¶¦,,
format = ¶{¦ class="sortable" style="border: 1px solid #848d5f; width:60%;"¶¦- style="border: 1px solid #848d5f; background: #1a2634; font-size: 1.2em; height: 2em;"¶! Image !! Name !! Booster ,¶¦-¶,,¶¦}
For a list of all {{PAGENAME}} creatures, click [[List of {{PAGENAME}}|here!]].

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